Transference About Groovy Things

Transference. A novel for sci fi and feline aficionados.

Emotional journeys and world altering events unravel as travelers in realms both alien and familiar peer through eyes of unaware hosts into the lives of others.

Tales are revealed of love discovered and lost, fears embraced and rejected, and beliefs shattered and renewed, triggering life-changing questions and consequences for the travelers…

Sensual and voluptuous Sumee, dispensing wisdom and passion to all.

Maryl, thriving on world-shaking technological breakthroughs and unexpected romance.

Talented Bly, struggling with grim loss.

Danyin, sharing wit and empathy, and learning the whims of a capricious universe.

Rob and Lena, living and loving under the unmindful gaze of their trio of cats – and the more attentive observation of others.

Cats, enjoying scent images and, unknowingly, dreaming a shared history.

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Kisan mind-travels reveal visions of love and drama, a startling shared past with the distant hosts they inhabit, and unimagined changes in their own isolated lives. 

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Print ISBN: 978 1537758558 Copyright Revised Edition 2018

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 "I love a good soft science fiction yarn. I find these stories a lovely departure from the everyday of life. After I've read one, I feel like I've eaten a delicious dessert.  I write to bring others that pleasure and hope you find Transference tasty." 

Ellen Metter