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Weight Loss Ideas

Why lose weight?  

Ah, there are pros and cons based on your personal circumstances. We'll leave that discussion for another time.  Let's start with the assumption that you would like to shrink your silhouette. 

Since I am not thin, why would you listen to me?  Well, since I adore eating, I should, I think, be heavier than I am.  And there have been, and hopefully will be, stretches of time when I was thinner. 

So.  Why not?  Here are some ideas I've found useful.

Oh, that mouth.

As much as I love my mouth and use if for some of my very favorite activities, here's the sad truth: my mouth is a liar. So is yours. I'd go so far as to say our mouths are damn liars.  Your mouth, all innocent like, says: "I must have something sweet (or salty, if that's your fav) to eat.  Nothing else will do.  Nothing."  Please. That's ridiculous.  Chances are your mouth would be happy with anything.

Like any great negotiater, your mouth knows it should go for the gold and ask for the pinnacle of joyous possibilities.  It knows it may get nothing. So anything at all is going to feel like Cinderella kissing the Prince.  If you're not hungry, try to completely ignore your mouth.  If you're like me, and most people, and will eat something whether you're hungry or not - just eat something.  Almost anything will do. It doesn't have to be the highest calorie option.

Good and good for you?  Is this possible?

I definitely get that there are some foods each of us hates.  I, personally, would probably starve rather than eat a piece of fruit pie. Yes, even the acclaimed pie your mother makes.

Here's the great thing about fruit and veggies and why, if you feel you hate one or the other or both, it may be worth it to do some taste experiments:  Both are, overall, very very low in calories.  This means they can pretty much be an anytime go-to food as far as losing weight.

So. Here are some ways to make fruit and veggies taste more like treats.

  • Cut up fruit.  Something about fruit in little chunks - they don't need to be neat or tidy, by the way - makes them seem like processed food.  Which is so much more special to our stupid mouth.

  • Warm up fruit. It brings out the sugars. If you like a really sweet taste, 10 seconds or so in the micro achieves this.

  • Warm up veggies.  Your mouth sometimes wants the slightly less natural mushier taste of cooked veggies. Even a little. You lose a vitamin or two? You'll live. And it's a better weight loss choice
    than fried pork rinds.

  • Parmesan.  Put a shake or two - really just a little - of parm or similar hard cheese on your veggies.  It's suddenly a bit more like eating french fries.

  • Salsa.  Like the parm, the salsa makes the veggies a bit more special. Don't like spicy or hot foods? Go for the mild salsa. It's pretty much like fancy ketchup.

  • Ok, so those last two tips add sodium.  So sometimes don't add those things.  And the jury is still out on sodium, by the way, based on a number of conflicting studies.  (And I work at a college library, so I even look at those studies!)